Town Meeting approves Community Preservation Committee projects


Town Meeting approves Community Preservation Committee projects
Shrewsbury’s Town Hall stands within the town’s municipal campus off Maple Street. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

SHREWSBURY – The Community Preservation Committee spent its first dollars at last year’s Annual Town Meeting.

At this year’s Town Meeting, the group was back for more.

On May 21, the second night of Town Meeting, Shrewsbury’s body of 240 elected representatives approved several Community Preservation Committee articles, designating money for preservation and improvement efforts throughout town. All told, voters approved approximately $282,000 worth of projects.

The Community Preservation Committee accepts project proposals annually from eligible applicants, vets each proposal, and ultimately makes a recommendation to bring projects before Town Meeting. According to a memo provided to Town Meeting members, the committee aims to “prioritize projects that are collectively consistent with the community’s needs and values. These projects, whether large or small, will be accessible and provide maximum benefits to the community to enhance the town’s quality of life.”

Town Meeting approved Article 35, which designates $13,450 to install a “story walk” at Lake Street Park. According to the town, the project would involve installing metal stakes in the ground along a paved path. A “book of the month” – with laminated pages to protect against weather – would be available along the “story walk.” The Shrewsbury Public Library had applied for the funds for the project.

Article 36, applied for by the Department of Public Works, was also approved by Town Meeting. The article designates $160,000 to continue historic gravestone preservation at Mountain View Cemetery. Last year, Town Meeting approved $5,500 for “Phase One” of the project, which identified 532 gravestones and monuments in need of repair. The cost to fix the damaged markers is $130,000, with an additional $30,000 planned for construction management and consulting costs to complete the project.

Town Meeting approved two articles – Article 37 and Article 38 – that are set to improve Camp Wunnegan. Article 37, sponsored by the Shrewsbury Parks Maintenance Division, will designate $100,000 to build a parking lot at the site. The work, originally funded at last year’s Town Meeting, went before this year’s meeting due to unforeseen circumstances that did not allow for the work to be completed in-house. A third party will now complete the work.

Article 38, sponsored by the Shrewsbury Trails Committee, spends $4,000 to improve a wheelchair-accessible trail in Camp Wunnegan. The 680-foot trail connects to the parking lot and the site of the former Girl Scout camp. The project will also be funded by a $20,000 MassTrails grant.

Finally, Town Meeting passed Article 39, which is sponsored by the Shrewsbury Historical Society. The article allocates $5,000 for an “accessibility feasibility study” for the District #5 Schoolhouse. Last year, the 1820s-era schoolhouse received $2,000 for further study.

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