City Council approves special permit for treatment program


City Council approves special permit for treatment program
The City Council approved a special permit, allowing the opening of a nonresidential, outpatient substance abuse program. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – The City Council has approved a special permit to allow Alta Behavioral Health LLC to open a nonresidential, outpatient substance abuse treatment program at 400 Donald Lynch Blvd.

The special permit was granted in an 11-0 vote taken on Monday, May 20.

According to the findings from the City Council, the council “finds that the outpatient services offered to individuals in recovery from substance use will provide a significant benefit to the residents of the city.”

According to Andrew J. Tine, special counsel for Alta Behavioral, the city currently has no facility for detox or maintenance. Residents seeking treatment must travel to Framingham, Westborough or Worcester.

As part of the conditions, the facility will be locked, even during office hours. The front desk will be staffed during program hours, and patients will be required to sign in and sign out.

A waiting area shall be used within the premises to minimize congestion and wait time outside the facility for pickups.

According to its application, Alta Behavioral would have up to 10 staff members and 25 patients in the facility, which would operate during daytime hours.

The new facility would be within a limited industrial zone, which is one of the reasons a special permit was required.

During the same City Council meeting, a public hearing was held on proposed changes for Donald Lynch Boulevard. Council President Michael Ossing said because of changes in shopping habits – especially in retail, with the rise of online shopping – the area needs to be rezoned to allow more uses, such as restaurants, medical offices, open-air markets, studios and multifamily housing.

The request for the zoning changes has been sent to the council’s Urban Affairs Committee.

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