Hudson church installs ‘Rainbow Drive’ with love quotes


Hudson church installs ‘Rainbow Drive’ with love quotes
The finished rainbow and sculpture overlooking Main Street in Hudson. (Photo/Courtesy)

HUDSON – The Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson (UCMH) has announced a new art installation on its front lawn facing Main Street.

The concept is the culmination of a conversational brainstorm between the Rev. Alice Anacheka-Nasemann and local artist and UCMH member Elisa Abatsis, who is responsible for the creation of the giant rainbow heart that stands as the centerpiece.

“I tried to approach it as a sacred act,” Abatsis said of the work. “I listened to love songs throughout most of the construction process. As I worked to strengthen and stabilize the sculpture (definitely a challenge with a shape as top heavy as a heart), I thought about the values that strengthen and stabilize our community.”

Anacheka-Nasemann was instrumental in compiling the love-themed quotes that adorn the array of nearly 150 heart-shaped yard signs that surround the sculpture. They are from writers, religious prophets and scriptures, ministers, musicians, poets, philosophers, world leaders, and justice and peace activists.

“My goal was to provide a depth and breadth of quotes that make us ponder, inspire us to open our hearts to love, help us understand the link between love and justice, and demonstrate how love is central within all world religions and cultures,” said Anacheka-Nasemann.

There was a shared congregational effort to put together the yard signs, to prep and paint the driveway in a rainbow, and to create the welcome posters.

“Though there is certainly value in artistic subtlety, I wanted to make something decidedly unsubtle,” Abatsis said. “I kept imagining small children riding in the back seats of cars, looking out the window as their parents drive down Main Street. I wanted to make something that communicated joy, love and unconditional acceptance to them just as clearly as it does to adults.”

The public is welcome to come walk the Rainbow Driveway and read love quotes.
Further information is available on UCMH’s website, Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson’s Facebook page, or by calling the church office at 978-562-9180.

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