‘Have Americans become ostriches?’


Letter to the Editor iconTo the Editor:

Have Americans become ostriches? Are we putting our heads in the sand and not standing up for the values that our forefathers established upon this nation? No wonder the radicals in this country don’t want any evidence around our struggle over the years to become the great nation that we were; where freedom and liberty for all was our cornerstone.

Our universities, place where true learning took place, are under siege by radicals who want anything but truth and freedom. Brainwashed American students have fallen under the control of radicals who represent terrorist groups like Hamas, terrorizing fellow students and taking control of the universities. These radicals should be arrested and charges brought against them.

Our educational process has been turned upside down. No longer are students taught to process information and come to their own conclusions. Some students are not able to think for themselves and follow false narratives.

Our nation needs every American to take a stand. Write letters or e-mails to legislators, governors and universities stating that these “peaceful protests” at our universities must stop. The non-protesting students must be able to resume their studies without any threats from radicals.

If the radical students persist, they must be held accountable for their actions and expelled and any radical foreign students here on students’ visas should be deported.

Every university professor or president should adhere to our Constitution. They are entrusted with educating our youth as well as the youth from other countries not indoctrinating them with radical terrorist ideology. If they are complicit in allowing terrorist activities, they should be fired without benefits and charges of sedition should be brought against them.

These “peaceful protests” are not an example of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not allow anyone to infringe on some else’s rights or freedoms by threats or intimidation or calling for their annihilation.

Hamas is a terrorist group who in 2006 was voted into power by the Arab citizens in Gaza. They got rid of their Palestinian Authority rivals and canceled all future elections. Hamas established a dictatorship in Gaza and proceeded on its terrorist agenda.

Hamas is the perpetrator not the victim.

Carole A. David
Kathleen Donaldson


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