Nominate gardens for a beautification award


Nominate gardens for a beautification award
The Marlborough Garden Club is holding nominations for its beautification awards.
(Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – Think your garden, or your neighbor’s, is an award winner? The Marlborough Garden Club wants to hear from you.

The club is actively seeking nominations for its annual beautification awards, which recognize city residents whose gardening efforts are over and above the norm.

From the whimsical to the formal, very grand to small urban gardens, these landscapes delight and inspire others throughout the year. The awards are the club’s way of thanking these gardeners for their hard work in beautifying their neighborhoods, and the greater community.

To nominate a garden for a 2024 Marlborough Garden Club beautification award, email [email protected] and include the street address of the garden you are nominating, along with a sentence or two about why you have nominated it. If you have the gardener’s name and contact information, please include it as well. 

Please note that gardens must be visible to the public from a street or sidewalk.

Nominations are due by May 31. Winners will be announced on June 12.

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