Hudson High School holds graduation for Class of 2024


Hudson High School holds graduation for Class of 2024
Graduates clap for their supporters, including teachers and family members, during Hudson High School’s graduation ceremony on June 1. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

HUDSON – High school years that started under metaphorical storm clouds ended under crystal clear skies June 1 as the Hudson High School Class of 2024 walked across the stage at graduation. 

As attendees filled the Morgan Bowl, students received their diplomas and speakers reflected on the years that led to this point. 

“Our class was literally a series of unfortunate events,” said Class President Bruna Oliveira in her welcome address.

This year’s seniors had their eighth grade year cut short by COVID-19. When students returned to school, they did so under restrictions.

Looking back on the challenges, Oliveira and the other speakers thanked their classmates, teachers and loved ones for their support. 

“The pandemic experience was an anomaly,” said Salutatorian Avani Kashalikar. “But it does not need to be what we are known for.”

“In fact, I think we have several other things to look back upon and learn from,” Kashalikar continued.

Kashalikar said she learned “how to make things work,” be it a silent breakout room in an online class, a forgotten quiz or a fast-approaching deadline. 

“Pick up the pieces,” Kashalikar said. “Figure out what you can and can’t do. And do something.”

For all the disruption and, in some cases, trauma it caused, Hudson Public Schools Superintendent Brian Reagan told graduates the pandemic “[gave] you the chance to test your resilience.” 

“The fact that you’re sitting here today having earned your high school diplomas tells me that you all possess some level of resilience,” he said. 

“You’re poised to do great things and, quite frankly, we need your energy. We need your passion, your empathy, your sense of social justice and all of that mixed in with a healthy dose of resilience as you use your talents to make our world a better place,” Reagan said.

Valedictorian Thuy-Tien Nguyen urged classmates to take pictures and celebrate the day’s milestone. 

“You are all so deserving of capturing this moment in our lives,” Nguyen said. “The pictures don’t need to be perfect, because the journey to get here was far from smooth and neither will be the future.”

“Embrace your imperfections as they are the marks of you leading a life with no regrets,” Nguyen later added. “Your voice can still be heard, even if it cracks or quivers, because that carries the weight of your dreams and aspirations.”

Graduation attendees also heard from Principal Jason Medeiros and class Vice President Jackson O’Brien. 

“We love you. We are proud of you. And we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next,” Medeiros said. 

“Stay curious. Stay driven. Stay committed to getting better each day and success will find you,” O’Brien said. “I will miss Hudson High School and I will miss all of you.”

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