Shrewsbury police log, June 7 edition


Shrewsbury police log, June 7 editionShrewsbury

Monday, May 20

2:06 a.m. Flint Pond Cir. Disturbance.

7:30 a.m. Clinton St. Well-being check.

8:26 a.m. Hickory Dr. Animal complaint.

10:27 a.m. Gold St. Medical call.

3:08 p.m. Dalphen Rd. Animal complaint.

4:24 p.m. Worthington Ave. Dispute.

4:42 p.m. Main St. Disturbance.

4:53 p.m. Main St. Identity theft.

7:13 p.m. Hartford Tpke. Accident with injury.

8:27 p.m. Gordon Rd. Animal complaint.

8:28 p.m. Spruce St. Aid to public.

9:12 p.m. Dawson Cir. Aid to public.

Tuesday, May 21

5:51 a.m. Hartford Tpke. Accident with injury.

7:17 a.m. Greenleaf Farm Cir. Medical call.

9:05 a.m. Floral St. Identity theft.

11:37 a.m. Maple Ave. B&E commercial.

1:07 p.m. Golden Hill Ave. Larceny.

2:03 p.m. Lake St. Preserve the peace.

3:45 p.m. Lakeside Dr. Suspicious person/MV.

3:08 p.m. Hartford Tpke. Larceny.

4:18 p.m. Old Faith Rd. Well-being check.

6:47 p.m. Boylston Cir. Well-being check.

7:31 p.m. Sheridan Dr. Identity theft.

9:31 p.m. Maple Ave. Suspicious person/MV.

10:31 p.m. Main St. Suspicious person/MV.

11:06 p.m. St. James Rd. Medical call.

Wednesday, May 22

2:50 a.m. Lake St. Suspicious person/MV.

5:32 a.m. Harrington Ave. Medical call.

6:45 a.m. Crescent St. Suspicious person/MV.

7:39 a.m. Camelot Dr. Dispute.

8:22 a.m. Oak St. Suspicious person/MV.

9:01 a.m. Cherry Hill Rd. Medical call.

10:14 a.m. Boylston St. Suspicious person/MV.

10:28 a.m. Gage Ln. Medical call.

10:41 a.m. Chase Terr. Suspicious person/MV.

11:25 a.m. Gage Ln. Animal complaint.

12:23 p.m. Robertson Dr. Suspicious person/MV.

1:38 p.m. Main St. Larceny.

4:20 p.m. Lake St. Aid to public.

4:50 p.m. Oak St. Preserve the peace.

5:37 p.m. Main St. Road hazard – trees/wires/debris.

9:29 p.m. Pal Dr. Medical call.

Thursday, May 23

2:49 a.m. Kenilworth Rd. Medical call.

9:32 a.m. Lakeside Dr. Harassment.

10:49 a.m. Deergrass Rd. Suspicious person/MV.

1:18 p.m. Fortune Blvd. Aid to business.

1:25 p.m. Russell Ave. Larceny attempt.

2:45 p.m. Edgemont Rd. Traffic complaint.

5:30 p.m. Main Blvd. Road hazard – trees/wires/debris.

5:43 p.m. Pleasant St. Aid to public.

6:36 p.m. Hartford Tpke. Road hazard – trees/wires/debris.

Friday, May 24

7:38 a.m. Lakeside Dr. Aid to public.

8:54 a.m. Oak St. Suspicious person/MV.

10:56 a.m. Old Mill Rd./Elm St. Traffic complaint.

11:59 a.m. Main St. Suspicious person/MV.

1:36 p.m. Water St. Animal complaint.

2:54 p.m. Francis Ave. Well-being check.

4:27 p.m. Arbor Dr. Aid to public.

5:21 p.m. Boylston Cir. Medical call.

6:53 p.m. Washington St. Medical call.

7:01 p.m. Arrested, Breno Carlindo Santos Miranda, 30, of 70 South St., Shrewsbury, on warrant.

7:53 p.m. Clinton St. Aid to public.

8:40 p.m. Bluegrass Ln. Medical call.

11:02 p.m. St. James Rd. Medical call.

11:15 p.m. South St. Disturbance.

Saturday, May 25

1:02 a.m. Arrested, Paola Fernanda Dominguez, 28, of 87 Gage St., Apt. 1, Worcester, for OUI liquor.

3:11 a.m. Francis Gardens Crt. Animal complaint.

5:47 a.m. Arch St. Medical call.

9:18 a.m. Phillips Ave. Animal complaint.

11:55 a.m. Elma Cir. Medical call.

12:53 p.m. Hartford Tpke. Animal complaint.

1:38 p.m. Avalon Way. B&E attempted.

6:43 p.m. Francis Ave. Medical call.

7:32 p.m. Raymond Ave. Suspicious person/MV.

7:40 p.m. Bridle Path. Fire assist.

8:41 p.m. Main St. Main St. Disturbance.

10:04 p.m. Lake St. Suspicious person/MV.

10:47 p.m. Maple Ave. Disturbance.

Sunday, May 26

12:16 a.m. Cherry St. Disturbance.

1:38 a.m. Edgewood Rd. Medical call.

3:17 a.m. Grafton St. Disturbance.

11:02 a.m. Hartford Tpke. Suspicious person/MV.

12:12 p.m. Grafton St. Medical call.

1:06 p.m. Arrested, Hector E. Vazquez-Padilla, 42, of 205 Millbury St., Apt. 4F, Worcester, for poss Class A substance subsequent offense, poss Class B substance subsequent offense, shoplifting by asportation, warrant.

1:54 p.m. Boston Tpke. Accident with injury.

2:40 p.m. Lake St. Aid to public.

4:01 p.m. Svenson Rd. Medical call.

4:42 p.m. Arrested, Jehnelle Guzman, 27, of 5 Wyman St., Apt. 5, Webster, for oper MV with license suspended/revoked, possession Class A substance, no inspection sticker, warrant.

4:52 p.m. Boston Tpke. Suspicious person/MV.

5:19 p.m. Hartford Tpke. Foot patrol/park and walk.

7:12 p.m. North Quinsigamond. Suspicious person/MV.

8:10 p.m. Main St. Aid to public.

9:22 p.m. Arrested, Ernstly Fleuriot, 35, of 35 Harrington Ave., Apt. 1111, Shrewsbury, for unregistered vehicle, oper MV with license suspended/revoked, warrant.

10:31 p.m. Arbor Dr. Disturbance.

11:43 p.m. Maple Ave. Suspicious person/MV.

11:48 p.m. Rivelly St. Medical call.

Monday, May 27

3:00 a.m. Main St. Suspicious person/MV.

3:12 a.m. Arrested, Brailyn Henriquez Paula, 26, of 100 Wall St., Apt. 413, Worcester, on warrant.

7:55 a.m. Westwood Rd. Aid to public.

11:07 a.m. Keyes House Rd. Assaults.

1:29 p.m. Prospect St. Suspicious person/MV.

2:06 p.m. Job Cushing Rd. Medical call.

4:42 p.m. Maple Ave. Vandalism.

5:29 p.m. Hartford Tpke. Animal complaint.

7:36 p.m. Grafton St. Medical call.

9:50 p.m. Washington St. Medical call.

10:19 p.m. Gulf St. Accident with injury.

The information from the police log is obtained directly from the official records maintained at each police station in our circulation area. It contains arrests and samplings of police activity. Those arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The Community Advocate will publish news of acquittals upon notification and a copy of court-issued documentation.

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