A positive at Westborough High – Hemanth Nekkalapudi


A positive at Westborough High – Hemanth Nekkalapudi
Hemanth Nekkalapudi just after he graduated from Westborough High School on June 1. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

WESTBOROUGH – It’s not every day a high school student gets to play Michael Jackson and Barbie in the same production.

Hemanth Nekkalapudi did, as part of the annual Mr. WHS pageant held last month.
It was one of the highlights of his days at Westborough High School.

“It brings the whole community together,” he said.

School officials have described Nekkalapudi as a positive, connective kind of student.

“He’s a really affable, amicable kid,” said WHS Principal Brian Callaghan. “He seems to be friends with a lot of people.”

In class, Callaghan said Nekkalapudi is the type who can “keep conversation and discussion active.”

“He connects with adults as well as his peers. He has that level of maturity,” he added.

Nekkalapudi was also a mainstay at games, according to Athletics Director Levi Hanson.

“He’s one of the first to support his peers. They save him a spot at games,” he said.

Now that he’s graduated from Westborough High School, Nekkalapudi is getting ready for the next phase of his life – college. He’s heading to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst to major in computer science and electrical engineering.

What he will remember best about his days at WHS – his friends.

“I’ve been with Westborough kids my whole life,” he said. “There’s a sense of family and a sense of tradition.”

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