M.A. Restoration celebrates 30 years of quality work, happy customers


M.A. Restoration celebrates 30 years of quality work, happy customers
The team at M.A. Restoration. ((Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

WESTBOROUGH – When Mark Johnson started his woodworking company in 1994, he never imagined it would evolve into one of Central Mass.’s most reliable restoration businesses.

At 22 years old, Johnson started M.A. Woodworking (M.A. short for Mark Anthony), doing custom cabinetry. Soon, Johnson advanced into bigger remodeling projects, and in 2004, the company expanded once again, branching out to restoration work and handling insurance claims. At that time, the company incorporated as M.A. Restoration Inc., and today – 30 years after the company was first formed – Johnson and his wife, Amy, manage their 30-plus employee business that has developed a reputation for top-notch customer service and quality work.

“It’s incredible. It doesn’t really feel real. When you’re growing up, you think that somebody being in business for 30 years is a long time, and now I’m at that same mark. It’s been a long time, but I’m proud of what we’ve built. Our team is our biggest asset,” Johnson told the Community Advocate.

M.A. Restoration handles a wide range of problems that may arise, including water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation. When you have an emergency, call M.A. Restoration’s 24-7 hotline and get professional advice. The company’s experienced staff will help you develop a gameplan and even work with your insurance to make the situation as stress-free as possible.

The company isn’t just there to mitigate the damage – they’ll also get your property back to how it was before. Johnson’s team of skillful, knowledgeable professionals from different backgrounds can effectively repair, remodel (kitchen, bath, cabinets, etc.), and rebuild if necessary.

“Our entire team has a vast array of experiences in the construction fields and other associated fields – nobody comes from the same background. We’re a one-stop shop – we’ll do the clean-up, the mitigation services, and then, the repairs. There’s a lot of other companies that are mitigation-only companies that dabble in construction. We look at things a little differently,” said Johnson.

M.A. Restoration understands that when you call, you’re likely not having your best day – and that’s OK. Even when it feels like the sky is falling – or the roof is leaking – the company’s team of trained professionals is ready to support you. It’s as Johnson says: “We’re in the business of helping people.”

“It’s helping that person in their time of need. It’s understanding that they’re in the situation that they’re in. It’s not an easy business; it’s not easy dealing with someone in their worst moment, but we care about helping others. It’s okay to feel that way – we understand. We’re experts; we’ve been through the process before,” Johnson said.

The company’s emphasis on customer service has paid dividends. Out of 147 reviews on Google, M.A. Restoration boasts a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

“We’re centered around the customer. We make sure the customer is completely happy, feeling like they’re being treated fairly, being dealt with honestly. If we keep that in mind, everything goes well. It’s grown primarily because we keep customers happy. If we didn’t provide good quality service over the last 30 years, we wouldn’t be here right now. Your reputation is going to get out there – you don’t last 30 years in business without doing good quality work. It’s what builds the business.”

M.A. Restoration is headquartered at 69 Fisher Street in Westborough, and the company looks forward to moving to a brand-new facility up Route 135 soon. For more information, please visit https://marestoration.com/, call (508) 366-4104 (non-emergency inquiries) or call (508) 366-2669 (emergency calls). M.A. Restoration services every town and city in the Community Advocate region.

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