Westborough’s Employee of the Month award goes to Remillard


Westborough’s Employee of the Month award goes to Remillard
Westborough recently announced the recipient of the June Employee Excellence Award. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

WESTBOROUGH – The town’s Employee Excellence Award Committee has presented the June 2024 Employee Excellence Award to Thomas Remillard, craftsperson with the sewer division of the Department of Public Works. 

“Remillard has been working in the sewer department for the entirety of his career here at the Department of Public Works. His institutional knowledge of the town’s sewer infrastructure is vast and integral to the success of the sewer division,” according to the release announcing his award.

“Tom is part of a team that maintains 32 pumping stations throughout town as well as sewer easements and over 100 miles of sewer piping in the streets. In addition to performing routine maintenance on these stations to ensure their proper operation, Tom also keeps landscaping tidy and responds to emergencies, often staying late to assist other divisions when needed. Tom also takes the time to impart his extensive knowledge to new hires in the division.

“Recently, Tom responded to a sewer blockage in the street and was able to clear the obstruction by fabricating a tool on the side of the road. Tom has been recently promoted to a Grade 5 position within the sewer department.”

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