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Inklings: Ingenuity and the cold

Earmuffs. This coming week will formally mark the 135th birthday of the earmuff as we know it. The story goes that 15-year-old Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine, grew tired of having cold ears while he was ice skating. He could wrap his wool scarf around his head, but it was itchy and bulky. He bent some wires to the right springy shape and asked his grandmother to sew fabric in the crucial spots.

Thanks from the Westborough Public Library

To the editor: The Westborough Public Library's first ever Adult Summer Reading Program, Novel Destinations, has ended. We thank all the participants and weekly...

Talk about a scary Halloween

Region – Halloween this year was definitely more trick, than treat for local towns. Officials, schools, businesses and homeowners were still reeling from the...

This week's print edition (June 24 edition)

Check out this week's print edition on newsstands now... There's nothing like the serendipity of discovery in the print product. Plus, it's the...

‘I was just thinking…how does my garden grow?’

By Barbara Polan May 3, 2012 - While April showers may bring May flowers, an April drought – like the one we just experienced –...

Pro Shrewsbury library vote #1

To The Editor, We have a historic opportunity to vote in support of our Shrewsbury Public Library building project on October 18. The Shrewsbury Library...

Inklings: On and off the wall

The other day I had occasion to visit a doctor who was new to me. Doctor-visiting is not one of my top ten favorite pastimes. When the nurse left me alone in the tiny bright examining room, I looked around for something to help me feel a little more comfortable about being there.

Story of youngest Marathon victim inspires a local plea for peace

Northborough – As he reflected on the aftermath of the devastating Boston Marathon bombings, Ernie Rivard, a pastoral assistant at St. Rose of Lima Church, said he was particularly moved by the story of the youngest victim, little 8-year-old Martin Richard. "I saw two images that especially struck me," Rivard said. "One was of him making his first Communion and the other was of him holding a sign that said "No more hurting people. Peace.""

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, I's writing to set the record straight about the recently passed legislation forcing family care providers into a state employee union if they...

I was just thinking about…road rage

By Bonnie Adams Recently I have been thinking about traffic – a lot of the time while actually sitting in it. But I have also attended several meetings where government officials from various groups have spoken at length about the state of our roads, the lack of money to fix them and what they hope will happen in the future so they can be fixed. To summarize it up, it's not good. Fortunately for me, I don's have to drive on the major roads such as 128 or the Mass Pike on a regular basis. Those are pretty much a nightmare on any given day or night. The Pike especially is frustrating to me. I read once that to retrofit each of the toll booths to accept the EZ Pass would cost about $4 million. Because that is deemed too much, officials instead think it's a better idea to leave it as is. This results in cars weaving in and out to get to the right toll booth and then weaving around to exit.