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Thursday, September 20, 2018

The ribbon of Christmas meaning

When we moved into our house twelve years ago this month, we noticed a knee-high balsam in the middle of the small cleared field...

Letter to the Editor: Information session to be held regarding gas pipeline

The information session (Dec 14th) concerning the proposed high-pressure gas pipeline to run through Grafton, Shrewsbury, and six other towns included announcement of a subsequent session to take place Wednesday January 11th at 7:00pm.

Physician Focus: Violence and Mental Illness

The names bring unwanted reminders: Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Columbine, Washington Navy Yard. These are places associated with some of the most recent and deadliest mass shootings in United States history. Violent incidents such as these never fail to shock the nation and shake our national conscience.

If you don’t like the weather…just wait a minute

Region – As New Englanders we are used to variations in our weather patterns, but who would have ever expected a Christmas Day when...

An ‘A’ for effort

Northborough/Southborough – It wasn’t just the students in the Northborough-Southborough Public Schools who received their year-end grades recently. The end of the school year was also when Superintendent Christine Johnson received her end-of-year evaluation.

Support Shrewsbury override – Monopoli

To the Editor: The future of the Shrewsbury Public School system is at a breaking point. The town of Shrewsbury has always been known for the quality of its public education system.

My mom – a lifetime of love

It was late January when moving in with my mother became a necessity. She's 81, I's 51, but sometimes in life we have to do what we have to do. Only it wasn's my mother who needed the help. I was living alone and had a hip issue and couldn's walk. So with nothing but an overnight bag, I settled in.

Letter to the editor: Thank you from Northborough Recreation Department

On behalf of Northborough Recreation and its T-Ball program for 4-6 year-olds, I would like to thank our volunteer T-Ball Coaches for another successful season of T-Ball!

Letter to the editor: Not allowing film maker to shoot in Westborough is ‘parochial’

To the Editor: As a 27- year resident of the town of Westborough I have to say that I found the response by the police...

Letter to Editor: Palitsch genuinely committed to community

To the Editor: As a political independent who respects both candidates, I am proud to endorse Jason Palitsch for State Representative because he has the...