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A series of permanent overrides in Shrewsbury? McRae

To the Editor: Like a sudden, late-spring bloom, hundreds of brand new anti-override signs have popped up this week along Shrewsbury curbsides. Declaring "Vote No!...

Think carefully before you vote on Shrewsbury override question – Minklein

To the Editor: On 3 June Shrewsbury residents will cast their vote to either accept or reject the Proposition 2-1/2 override. Voters should consider the following items before making their decision.

Support Shrewsbury override – Duke

To the Editor, While writing out the check for my family's $500 school bus fee, I was inspired to write and ask my fellow Shrewsbury citizens for their support on the operational override vote.

Support Shrewsbury override – Powers

To the Editor: I am writing to urge all parents in Shrewsbury to vote YES on June 3rd.

Support Shrewsbury override – Casavant

To the Editor: Vote YES on June 3rd- Shrewsbury is Worth the Investment

Support Shrewsbury override – Shrewsbury School Committee

To the Editor, On June 3rd Shrewsbury residents will be asked to vote on an operational override adding $1.15 per thousand dollars of valuation to...

Support Shrewsbury override – Willingham

To the Editor: To my fellow members of the Shrewsbury Community, My name is Mark Willingham and I have been a proud resident of the great town of Shrewsbury for 14 years. As many of you are well aware, we are facing an important decision June 3 in the Special Town Election and will be considering an override of Proposition 2 ? to add revenue to the town.

Vote against Shrewsbury override – Ham

To the Editor: "The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else." Anon.

Support Shrewsbury override – Bryant

To the Editor: I am a recently elected Town Meeting Member in the town of Shrewsbury. Registered voters June 3 will have the opportunity to...

Vote against Shrewsbury override – Pohl

To the Editor: Regarding the Proposition 2-1/2 override in Shrewsbury, an open letter to the town of Shrewsbury and the political group called "Community Supporters for Shrewsbury. "