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Healey retires from Central One Federal Credit Union

Shrewsbury - April Healey has retired as vice president of retail operations, after 16 years with Central One Federal Credit Union. Credit union officials said...

Super crossword puzzle, Jan. 4 edition

Here is the crossword puzzle for the Jan. 4 edition. A link to the answer key is below the puzzle.   http://communityadvocate.com/2013/01/04/jan-4-crossword-puzzle-answer-key/  

Putt Putt for Parkinson’s returns to Trombetta’s mini-golf

By Cindy Zomar, Contributing Writer Marlborough – Marlborough resident Kelly Raiano Maccioli is determined to focus her love of running on helping to find a...

Sept. 11 anniversary commemorated by Westborough, other communities

Westborough – Bradley Russ was only 2 years old when the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks occurred, but in the ensuing years, he has, of course, heard stories of that day, particularly about the first responders.

Learning by example

Westborough High girls hear advice from local business women By Catherine Twing, Contributing Writer Westborough - There are some topics unique to women in business that...

Sakura Foot Reflexology

Westborough—The traditional Asian practice of foot reflexology—using pressure points on the feet to affect the rest of the body—is relaxing but also, according to its practitioners, is therapeutic for the entire body.

‘Hometown Cooking’ at Whitney Place

Northborough – Northborough native Joanna Graham hosts the cable access television show “My Hometown Cooking,” a half-hour show filmed at Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences at Northborough. Residents create the live audience.

Local band writes tribute to 2013 Boston Marathon

Region - Root Nine, a Boston-based band that performs along and around the Route 9 corridor, recently released its new single, "Ode to Java Joe." The song, which is a tribute to the 2013 Boston Marathon, is dedicated to the memories of Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu and Sean Collier and all others affected by the tragic events of last April 15. All proceeds from the sales of the song will be donated to Boston's One Fund and the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation.

Shrewsbury student invited to attend U.S. Naval Academy program

Shrewsbury - The U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) has invited a select group of approximately 2,250 young men and women from around the nation...

Shrewsbury resident gives back by helping newcomers learn English

Shrewsbury - Antonio Marin didn's speak English when he moved to the United States in 1992. Upon completing a master's degree in Venezuela, he was recruited for a job in Framingham at a Latino counseling center. Morin made time outside of work to study English with a volunteer tutor from Literacy Unlimited (LU) in Framingham. Now fluent and working as a special education teacher, the Shrewsbury resident returned to LU in September as a volunteer to help newcomers enroll during registration week. "It was a privilege, really," Morin said about going back to the spot where he first got help to now help others. "When you'se in a new country and you don's know the language," he added, "everything is so difficult."