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Judy Boyle, Realtor

Housing trends for 2018 can help you plan ahead

Judy Boyle, Realtor®, RE/MAX Happy New Year! It is once again that time of year when most of us contemplate our lifestyles. Some want to...

By Steve Levine, President of Steve Levine Inc., and an agent for REMAX Prestige Well, those who foretold of a real estate recovery happening in 2012 were sure right on the money this time. As the year moves way too quickly to a close, and we reflect back on the past 10 months, it has really been quite a change from the sad marketplace that defined 2011. Here is some pretty staggering data for you.

Real Estate, March 2

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Homes and More for January 22  

Stop renting and buy while homes are most affordable

By Phoebe Chongchua If you're currently renting and have dreamed of owning a home, now may be the perfect time. is reporting that during...
Michelle Gillespie

The value of attorney representation

Summer is a busy season in the real estate market. Many people who have been thinking about buying or selling a home are ready...

Maximizing return on home improvement investments

By Steve Levine, President of Steve Levine Inc., and an agent for REMAX Professional Associates The outpouring of calls and emails over the last two months has been quite shocking, to say the least…and I must say it was very, very appreciated. The one lingering fear that any writer has, is wondering whether people are reading any of their material, and thanks to those who reached out, I know for sure that my column isn’t winding up at the bottom of a birdcage!
Gary Kelley

Loan Officer

Gary Kelley, Realtor - I was taught not to discuss religion, politics, or money at a party.  Yet, when someone is buying a home,...

Homes and More for February 25, 2022  
Elaine Quigley, CBR, CRS, GRI Cell: (508) 735-5161

Retirement May Be Changing What You Need in a Home

The past year and a half brought about significant life changes for many of us. For some, it meant entering retirement earlier than expected....
Steve Levine

Three reasons why January may historically be the best time to sell

By Steve Levine First and foremost, I want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday…and thank you so much for reading all of...

Autumn – A time to cool down

By Judy Boyle This summer has been a sizzler. And I am not just referring to the heat index. There are 20 to 30 buyers...

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Homes & more ads, June 17 edition

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Homes and More for January 7, 2022  

Millennials and first-time home buyers: Start your engines

Judy Boyle, Realtor®, RE/MAX Okay, so you have been hearing it constantly over the past several years: There has never been a better time to buy a house. So why will 2017 be any different, you ask? The answer is simple… By the time you finish reading this article, the cost to buy a house has increased.

Relaxing designs for your lakefront back yard

Elaine Quigley, CBR, CRS, GRI According to Wallace J. Nichols, in his book "Blue Mind," our brains are hardwired to react positively to water. Our predisposition to embrace water might be the reason being near it can actually calm us.