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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Elaine Quigley

10 places that will pay you to move there

By Jaymi Nacir Close to job. Great schools. Projected growth. They're all reasons why someone might consider buying a home in a certain area. But...
Karen Scopetski

Renovations: What leads to the most ROI?

I recently had this conversation with my daughter who just purchased her first home a few months ago. It is a beautiful place, but...
Michelle Gillespie

Five tips to make your bathroom stand out

By Michelle Gillespie   Every homebuyer has a vision of their perfect house and the rooms inside that are most important to them. Because of their...
Vicki Aubry

Time to ‘rightsize’? That means making a plan

“Rightsizing” buyers (formerly called downsizing buyers) invariably go through an exercise whereby they visualize themselves in this new lifestyle yet envision bringing all their...
Elaine Quigley

How to channel your personality to create the perfect home for you

By Elaine Quigely, Realtor (Article/Jaymi Naciri)   You're not boring, and your home shouldn't be either. But, you can obey all the design rules and end up...