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Are you upside down on your house?

By Steve Levine Happy holidays everyone. Looks like the marketplace is starting to stabilize at last, and the end of 2011 seems like it will...

Real Estate Advertisements, Dec. 16 edition

The Real Estate advertisements for the Dec. 16 edition are here.

Real estate year in review

The 2011 real estate market showed signs of future recovery. Housing inventories decreased, indicating that 2012 might be a more active market. During 2011,...

My wish list for Santa…

My own personal list is very short - not even enough to mention as I am truly grateful for the wonderful family, friends, and coworkers that I have in my life and the great clients I have had through the years. I am grateful for a nice place to live and wonderful neighbors.

Real Estate, Dec. 2 edition

Real Estate advertisements for the Dec. 2 edition are here.

Will rates stay low?

While the Federal Reserve has promised to keep rates "low" until 2013, it is clear to many experts that the current historical lows we are experiencing will not last. According to the latest projections from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), interest rates should gradually rise out of historic lows as we move through 2012.

Short sales – friend or foe…

By Steve Levine Like it or not, short sales have become a harsh reality of the Massachusetts real estate marketplace, representing, in some areas, over...

Real Estate Ads, Nov. 25 edition

The Real Estate advertisements for the Nov. 25 edition are here.