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New construction or resale: make an informed decision!

By Vicki Aubry Who doesn's go into a brand new home and ooohhh and aaahhh over all of the untouched brand new details such as...

Real estate ads, July 13

The Real Estate ads for the July 13 edition are here.

Real Estate, July 6 edition

The Real Estate ads for the July 6 edition are here.

HARP 2.0 can help underwater homeowners

By Elaine Quigley, CRS, GRI, Realtor For homeowners who are underwater on their conventional mortgage, the government has enacted a new Home Affordable Refinance Program...

Real Estate, June 28 edition

The Real Estate for the June 28 edition is here.

How to avoid buyer's remorse

You don's get buyer's remorse when purchasing small, inexpensive items. However, big expensive ticket items like cars and homes can cause deep regret and concern that a wrong decision has been made. This is known as buyer's remorse, and takes many different forms, most of them characterized by a high level of anxiety, stress and other negative emotions.

Real Estate, June 22 edition

The Real Estate for the June 22 edition is here.

Real estate inventory shortfalls near critical levels

By Steve Levine While it's been fantastic to see so many sellers getting top dollar on nearly all the properties I'se listed this spring, the...

Real Estate, June 15 edition

The Real Estate for the June 15 edition is here.

The challenge of moving with children

By Michelle Gillespie Playgrounds and beaches are back in popularity as school starts to let out for the summer. Though most people associate this season...