Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Preparation and price for early spring sales

By Michelle Gillespie What a difference a year can make! Last January, we were buried under record amounts of snow - this year, everything is...

Real Estate, Jan. 13 edition

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My New Year's resolutions for a great 2012!

By Vicki Aubrey The shopping is over, the decorations are down and it is finally the New Year! I have some New Year's resolutions...

Real Estate, Jan. 6 edition

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Five great things about homeownership

By Carla Hill If you've been on the fence about homeownership, now is the time to take a leap! Don't let the negative press deter...

Real Estate, Dec. 30 edition

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The spring 2012 real estate market

By Nancy Russell, Vice President CBRB It's difficult to think about spring when you are staring in the face of a January and February New...

Are you upside down on your house?

By Steve Levine Happy holidays everyone. Looks like the marketplace is starting to stabilize at last, and the end of 2011 seems like it will...

Real Estate Advertisements, Dec. 16 edition

The Real Estate advertisements for the Dec. 16 edition are here.