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Shrewsbury Local News, Updates and Events

Shrewsbury voters to decide on library grant

Shrewsbury - Just about everyone in Shrewsbury believes that the town's public library, in its current incarnation, is not suited for present-day needs or for those of future generations.

Shrewsbury selectmen updated on tobacco program

Shrewsbury - Karyn E. Clark, Chief of Community Health at the City of Worcester Division of Public Health, briefed the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen March 11 about the status of the Tobacco Control Program. Shrewsbury belongs to the Public Health Regionalization Project, the goal of which is to strengthen the Massachusetts public health system by creating a state-funded regional structure for equitable delivery of local public health services across the Commonwealth.

Foam and Textiles Recycling Event to be held Saturday, June 1

Shrewsbury – A Foam and Textiles recycling event will be held at the Floral Street School, 57 Floral St., from 9 a.m. to 12...

Presentation on Lincoln at Shrewsbury Historical Society

Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury Historical Society, 17 Church Road, will present “The Lincoln Assassination” by Christopher Daley Wednesday, April 27, at 7 p.m. This lecture features primary source materials, period photographs, present-day photographs and video. It includes a short synopsis of the Civil War, an examination of the plot to kidnap Lincoln and the scheme to assassinate him. Both Lincoln and Booth's movements are chronicled using a simultaneous timeline and the assassination, escape and capture of John Wilkes Booth and trial of the conspirators are described in detail.

Shrewsbury Cultural Council offers grants

Shrewsbury - C Past grants have supported school field trips, afterschool programs, concerts, lectures, theater, dance, music and art projects. Programs take place in...

Writing the next chapter

Shrewsbury - Although digital technology is rapidly changing the way we consume information, many believe that a town's support of its library speaks volumes...

Shrewsbury committee seeks responses to survey

Shrewsbury - The town of Shrewsbury is developing its 2011-2012 Open Space and Recreation Plan, a plan necessary to qualify for state reimbursement programs for acquisition and protection of important open space. A survey is being conducted in order to understand the needs and concerns of residents of Shrewsbury regarding its open space and recreational facilities. "Open Space" in this survey is defined as "public and privately-owned lands which are important for a variety of reasons, including recreation, agriculture, forestry or simply because of their scenic qualities and their contribution to the overall character of the town."

Shrewsbury woman honors fallen vets with memorial flags

Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury resident Amanda Sullivan knows how to get things done. Last year, the just 24-year-old Early Childhood Children's Director at Liberty Church launched a campaign that asked people to send Christmas cards to U.S. troops in service. The initial goal was 10,000 cards mailed - she ended up with over 87,000 sent. With that success under her belt, Sullivan decided to spearhead an effort to honor not just those troops serving their country now, but those who have lost their lives in service to their country. That's where Flags for Our Fallen comes in.

Selectmen approve water restriction resolution

Shrewsbury – The Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen approved a water restriction resolution during its April 23 meeting. Noting that "the selectmen have determined that a shortage of water exists" for which conservation measures are required, and that under Article 18 of the town bylaws they have the power to take immediate corrective action, they board resolved that an outdoor water restriction be set in place.

Shrewsbury town clean-up day scheduled for March 31

Shrewsbury - The town of Shrewsbury Parks & Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Board of Health, is sponsoring the annual town-wide clean up...

Steering committee discusses Shrewsbury’s master plan with selectmen

Shrewsbury - Representatives of the Shrewsbury Master Plan Steering Committee met with the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen Feb. 23.

Shrewsbury, Algonquin evenly matched

Shrewsbury, Algonquin evenly matched Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury High School's (SHS) Justine Sheehan (#10, left) battles Algonquin Regional High School's (ARHS) Emily Stevenson (#7, right)...

Trivia Night to help important cause for Shrewsbury schools

Shrewsbury – The dictionary definition of “trivia” is “unimportant facts.” That word carries more significance for an upcoming fundraiser. On Friday, Nov. 14, the Shrewsbury Education Foundation (SEF) will host its third annual Trivia Night at the Knights of Columbus Hall to raise funds for educational initiatives outside of the school budget and curriculum.

Shrewsbury council awards cultural grants

Shrewsbury - The Shrewsbury Cultural Council (SCC) has announced the award of 17 grants totaling $7,441 to help support a variety of cultural programs...

Opposed to Shrewsbury library vote #4

Town officials want to increase your taxes again! They want to spend $19.2 million to expand the library with an overpriced, over sized public...

Health officials offer cold weather safety tips

Region - With the season's first cold snap upon us, health officials are offering the following cold weather safety tips to help protect you...

Shrewsbury selectmen to consider regional meeting in push for local, education funding

Shrewsbury - After several years of decreasing levels of local aid from the state and irregular commitments of funding from the state level, Shrewsbury...

Shrewsbury selectmen review budget concerns

Shrewsbury – Staffing town departments, the needs of the school and increasing state mandates were just some of the issues discussed by the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen during a financial workshop held during its Nov. 27 meeting. The workshop is an exercise the board undertakes as part of its preparation for the spring Annual Town Meeting. Working from a summary prepared by Town Manager Daniel Morgado, the selectmen were presented with a budget overview and specific issues for consideration. These included ranking services and programs by highest to lowest priority (including library certification); police and fire department personnel staffing increases; staffing for municipal departments; how school needs will be met; how the board feels town fees should be structured; and desired changes to the budget development process. Regarding police and fire staffing, Morgado suggested an increase of 4 people to the police department and 1.2 people to the fire department (the .2 being an increase from .8 man weeks to a full-time clerical worker).

“Game Night for Twentysomethings” Jan. 10 at Shrewsbury Public Library

Shrewsbury - Board gamers wanted! The first gathering of the Twentysomething Gamers of Central Massachusetts will take place Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 6:30 p.m....

Shrewsbury selectmen approve water hikes

Shrewsbury - The Board of Selectmen voted to increase Shrewsbury's water rates at its Sept. 25 meeting. The residential base rate for households consuming zero to 5000 gallons of water will rise from $19 to $21 per quarter. For every gallon used over that 5000 gallon base there will be an additional charge per 1000 gallons used. That tier is: 5,001 to 25,000 gallons, $3.40; 25,001 to 60,000 gallons, $6.30; and over 60,000 gallons, $10.00.