Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring: Westborough attorney stresses advance planning for families, the elderly


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer


Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring: Westborough attorney stresses advance planning for families, the elderlyBusiness name: Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring

Address: Westborough

Contact: 1-508-898-1835, [email protected]


What are your specialties?

“My specialties are estate planning for all ages and elder law,” said Carolyn R. Spring, who graduated from Boston College Law School in 1983 and has also earned a degree in certified financial planning. She offers a monthly free legal clinic at the Westborough Senior Center.

“I also do financial planning in conjunction with estate and retirement planning. I can give an objective opinion because I don's sell any products. I help people make a financial game plan then refer them to other professionals.”

What legal documents do people need?

“At a minimum, everyone needs a will, a power of attorney and a health proxy. If you'se older, you need those documents so your kids don's have to go into court to get permission to deal with your finances or assist with your medical care.

“There's nothing worse than dying without a will, no trust, no power of attorney. It's a mess. Power of attorney is even more important than a will because it names someone to manage your finances if you cannot do so.

“If you have young children, the only way to name a guardian is through a will. If you don's have a will, the court will decide on the guardian, and your children could end up in foster care if relatives are fighting. You also have to have some type of trust because minor children can's manage their own money.

“I am happy to meet with parents of young children at their homes, because I know how difficult it is to get away with small children.”

You are working on the legal needs of older women?

“I's interested in helping older women, whether they are widowed or divorced or never married, navigate the legal and financial minefield. So often many of them have no idea what to do. This interest is based on my personal experience when my mom was widowed in her 60s and had no financial knowledge. My financial planning background combined with my legal background enables me to guide and teach women about their individual situation.”

What else are you working on?

“I have a new website,, which I's very excited about.

“Starting in September, I have a new television show on Westborough cable, “Law for Your Life.” Each month will feature a different topic with expert guests. Among the topics will be estate planning, what happens inside a courtroom, preservation of the family home, bankruptcy, and real estate law. The police chief is going to talk about what happens if you or your child is arrested.”








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