Rotary Clubs looking for host families


By Sue Wambolt, Contributing Writer


Rotary Clubs looking for host families
Chris (Christopher) Robbins is the new president of the Southborough Rotary Club and a familiar face in Southborough. (Photo/Courtesy of Carl Guyer)

Northborough/Southborough – The Southborough and Northborough Rotary Clubs will be participating in the Rotary International Student Exchange program, sponsoring a student who will be attending Algonquin Regional High School for the 2012 – 2013 academic year. As part of the program, there is a need for host families to not only house the exchange student, but to immerse him/her in a variety of activities while here. Participating in the program as a host family is a rewarding experience, sharing in a young person's hopes and dreams and potentially developing a lifelong connection with someone from another country.

Families in the program come in all shapes and sizes. They can be Rotarians or non-Rotarians, and may include young children, older children or no children at all.

For more information, contact Carl Guyer of the Southborough Rotary Club at 508-481-3770, [email protected] or Patricia Doyle of the Northborough Rotary Club at [email protected].

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