Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

I's writing to set the record straight about the recently passed legislation forcing family care providers into a state employee union if they accept one child on a state voucher.

Rep. Carolyn Dykema has claimed that is untrue. As a family care provider who is living with the situation, Dykema is wrong. We are home based businesses that care for children. We are the ultimate small business.

For the past eight years, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has tried to recruit us into their union. No one joined. That should be an indication that we don's want to be part of a union. Unfortunately, the legislature did not pay attention to what we wanted and they passed the bill anyways.

Dykema will say there were hearings and testimony. The people who testified were connected to the SEIU. The rest of us were working managing our small business. How were we supposed to know about this legislation being forced upon us?

Unlike the big corporate centers which are exempt from being forced into a union, we don's have a lobbyist. We are just normal people trying to run a home based business. We expect that our legislators will protect us not betray us for a big powerful labor union.

Dykema will also say that this legislation was passed to help us providers get an increase in our reimbursement rates from the state. That's untruthful as well. The legislature can increase those rates without forcing us into the union. The Senate took a vote on increased rate in July and it was rejected.

If this can happen to home-based family care providers like us, then it can happen to your business. I urge voters to hold Rep. Dykema accountable for this very anti-small business vote.

Kathy D”Agostino
Kathy's House Family Child Care and PreSchool


  1. I wonder why the Marty Lamb campaign could not find a local family daycare provider to push the falsehood that providers are forced to join a union, when in fact they’re allowed to choose a union. Maybe no one local would try to put words in Rep. Dykema’s mouth.

  2. I wonder why Ms. Dykema can’t tell the truth about the forced unionization of women owned small daycares that she voted for, because she follows the bidding of the big labor unions and votes the way they want.

    If a home daycare accepts ONE child a voucher they are focred into the union!!

    If the legislature wanted to increase the rates they could just do it. Senate Republicans offered an amendment to increase the rates and Democrats voted it down. Hence this is just to put home daycare people into a union

    Two years ago the union tried to recruit the home daycare centers into the union. They were turned down so now they got the legislature to force them into the union.

    Why do daycare centers need a lobbyist??? That’s what is wrong

    This puts home daycare at a competitive disadvantage because thy now have to pay union dues in the cost of doing business.

    Home daycare centers are being forced if they accept one child. Moreover, if the home daycare centers wants to add children to their center to cover the costs, they can only take voucher children.

    Dykema’s people should be ashamed for not telling the truth. The legislature could have raised the rates without forcing them into the unions! Shame on Dykema.

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