Self-serve frozen yogurt trend moves into Westborough plaza


By Valerie Franchi, Contributing Writer

Westborough's newest frozen yogurt shop, iYogurt, will open mid-September. Photo/Valerie Franchi
Westborough's newest frozen yogurt shop, iYogurt, will open mid-September. Photo/Valerie Franchi

Westborough – The Westborough Shopping Center will soon join the latest sweet-treat trend with the addition of iYogurt Premium Frozen Yogurt to the busy plaza.

iYogurt Manager Dat Do said that he is well aware of the trend. Self-serve yogurt shops have been popping up all over the area, with names such as Sweet Frog and iCrave.

“But there really aren's many in Westborough,” he said. “And this location is perfect for it.”

Situated above a yoga studio and between an Indian restaurant and clothing boutique, iYogurt is in an ideal spot to attract young people and those looking for a light dessert.

“This location is great,” Do noted. “There is a complete range of shops here. People can shop for groceries, clothes, visit a hair or nail salon, and stop for a quick treat.”

The décor, as described by Do, is “snazzy, fun and bright.” It has pastel pink, yellow and green walls with a row of white dandelion-like light fixtures along the side wall. There is seating for 18 inside and Do notes that there will be outside seating as well, weather permitting.

The new shop's motto – “Swirl it. Top it. Weigh it. Pay it.” – explains to customers exactly what to expect: a wall of self-serve yogurt dispensers and an extensive toppings bar.

More than 54 yogurt flavors will be available, with 12 of those and six mixed flavors offered daily on a rotating basis. At the toppings bar, there will be more than 50 toppings, including dry toppings such as sprinkles, M&M candies and raisins. For a healthier option, there will be daily fresh fruit toppings, including mango, berries and kiwi.

“We want to switch the flavors and toppings on a regular basis to keep things fresh and to suit customers” tastes,” Do said, listing among the yogurt flavors mango, kiwi, and tangerine.

Do points out the healthy traits of frozen yogurt: it is rich in probiotics, and can help improve digestive health and build a stronger immune system. It also contains nutrients such as calcium and protein.

Do is a first-time business manager from Shrewsbury, who “had the idea for a long time.” He hopes his venture will be successful and lead to other opportunities in the future. “We'sl wait and see,” he said.

iYogurt is expected to open the second week of September, offering 50 percent off on opening day, and 20 percent off for a limited time. iYogurt is located at 30 Lyman St., #103, at the Westborough Shopping Center off Route 9.