Letter to the editor: Assabet Valley has many benefits for students


To the Editor:

My name is Desirée Diaz and I’m a junior at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. Many times I’ve heard things like “You go to Assabet? How will you make it to college?” when I mention to Shrewsbury High School (SHS) students what school I’m in. It saddens me to hear that going to a technical school means I have no chance of passing college. These critiques miss all the benefits of vocational schools that I myself have experienced.

I’d like to address the argument that going to a technical school ruins a student’s chances at college. The truth is many students plan on going to college in order to get the career field they seek. There’s the idea that a vocational school doesn’t provide a sufficient enough education. Again, this just isn’t true, I’m constantly challenged in my education and the courses taught at Assabet are shared with SHS. Assabet’s shop courses can also help students with their college plans, they can find the career they want early and apply that to their college plans. This way students are fully prepared for senior year and avoids last minute decisions.

Assabet prepares students for the work world, too. Thanks to the experience of going through different shops I realized I wanted to be an engineer rather than a nurse. Students get to experience the type of work they pursue. Now students know what to expect and do when they begin their jobs. It can even give a head start on education, since in college they’ll have an understanding of what they will be learning already. Shops also make school indulging. Students aren’t sitting at a desk every day, they get to enjoy a hands-on experience. I’ve found myself paying more attention to class in Assabet thanks to this.

I think the criticism against Assabet is harsh. I understand that this system is not for everyone. Some feel confined by the shops, and can’t focus due to the switch from shop to academics. I don’t think this is any reason to look down on Assabet, however.

Desirée Diaz
The author is a junior at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School and a resident of Shrewsbury

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