Welcome home Ziggy!


Welcome home Ziggy!

Region – On Nov. 30, “Ziggy” a 1-1/2 year old Puggle, went missing near the BJ’s store at the Northborough Crossing. As his distraught owners desperately sought him, many in the community rallied to help them.

This past weekend they got the best Christmas gift of all – Ziggy was found, a little bit worse for wear, but basically safe and sound.

Here is Rich Sinha’s account of the good news, as shared on her Facebook page.

The Before and the After. Ziggy is back where he belongs.

We are extremely grateful to each and every share and prayer which helped us get our Christmas Miracle.

Ziggy had been hiding in the woods behind Northborough Crossing the entire 2 weeks, which is probably why there were no sightings after Dec 1st. Yesterday, with the help of Jamie Generaux of Packleader Pet Tracker and his wonderful dog, Dexter, we saw Ziggy in that area with our own eyes.

But he was still running and we thought we would have to trap him. After putting the trap and driving around some more, we informed Petsmart and Banfield hospital, Ziggy’s vets, that he had been spotted in their vicinity, and came home expecting another long night of waiting.

We reached home and within minutes, received the call from Petsmart, that we had been praying for. Ziggy was spotted by a Good Samaritan in front of BJs. She tried to give him cookies, but he ran away…towards Petsmart. Just as one of the Banfield vets was leaving, the door opened and Ziggy walked right in!

He was checked by the vet even as we raced there and has been given a clean bill of health. He has lost weight, of course and has some abrasions where the harness rubbed his skin. But other than that, he is in good health.

We are also extremely grateful to Beth of Missing Dogs Massachusetts for the emotional support in such a trying situation and to Judy, who gave us the very first call on Dec 1st without which we would never have known where to look for him.

A note of appreciation to the Northborough Police Department, Officer Avaritis and Officer Griffin for taking the time to hear our story and supporting us.

A special shout out to Shivani and Sheetal for all the legwork you did. You are both Ziggy’s godmother and angel.

To the many friends and acquaintances at Fountainhead Community for your support, help and suggestions and for the beautiful welcome home you all gave Ziggy last night.

Thank you.


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