Shrewsbury Senior Center offers root beer floats to community


Shrewsbury Senior Center offers root beer floats to community
Shrewsbury community members enjoy root beer floats and each other’s company. Shrewsbury Council on Aging Assistant Director Casey Bogan (second from left) and event organizer Pat Babin (middle left) helped run the event. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

SHREWSBURY – On April 16, the Shrewsbury Senior Center opened its doors to the community for a “Generations Chill and Thrill.” 

Beyond the delicious and free root beer floats, the event featured outdoor patio games and an opportunity for residents from different generations to socialize and learn more about the Senior Center.

“We’re trying to get more intergenerational engagement. We knew it was April Vacation week, and there’s beautiful weather. We’re trying to get grandparents to bring their grandkids in, or parents to bring their children over and have some fun… We want people to take advantage of the nice weather and have a root beer float,” Council on Aging Assistant Director Casey Bogan told the Community Advocate.

“It’s important for everyone to be connected, take care of each other and know that the community is here to support them too. It’s an opportunity to learn about the lovely Senior Center,” she added.

Bogan and Pat Babin, who helped organize the event, had everything accounted for. Bogan and Babin had plenty of selections available for attendees. 

“[The event] also changes the attitude because some people have the mindset that the senior center is an ‘old folks’ home.’ That’s not what this is. By getting intergenerational people here, they get to see the activities and see that these people are not in rocking chairs. They are active, intelligent people,” said Babin.

Babin noted that for many people, the Senior Center is a “home away from home.”

Bath Busters helped the Senior Center purchase the root beer, according to Bogan. 

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