Why use a Realtor?

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By Pam Taylor, Realtor®


While having conversations about my job, many people have told me that if they were going to sell their house, they would attempt to do it on their own. “WHAT?!?!?!? Why would you do that,” I ask? Inevitably, their response is that they don’t think the process is that hard, and they want to save the commission dollars. They say that they have bought and sold houses before, and that they are confident that they can figure it out.

I’m here to remind you that although there are some easy-peasy transactions, my experience has been that even the “easy” transactions have some bumps in the road that are best handled by someone who knows the ins and outs of the business. Let’s take it from the top.


  • A Realtor will be able to recommend which projects need to be done before listing, and which will give you the best return on investment. If staging is necessary, a Realtor will hold your hand and give you input on what to keep, move or remove.


  • Pricing the house properly at the outset is crucial! The right price will attract the most buyers, generate the most traffic, and bring in offers as quickly as possible. Pricing is an art, and Realtors know the market and trends. This is definitely best left to a pro!


  • Photographs will be what most buyers see first, and it is imperative to show your home looking its absolute best. It takes more than a good camera to take beautiful pictures, and a good Realtor knows how to highlight your home’s features, or works with a professional.


  • Marketing is one of the most important services you will receive from a Realtor. Only a real estate professional has access to the Multiple Listing Service, which is the definitive source for home buying and selling. Apart from reaching all the agents and buyers who are looking for homes like yours, the MLS provides marketing reports, statistics and information about the community which can help your agent target which audience is right for your home.


  • Did you know that a Realtor can make sure that anyone who makes an appointment to see your home is ready, willing and able to make an offer if the property suits their needs? A preapproval letter is a great start, but some homes may not qualify for certain types of loans. A Realtor will screen prospects to ensure that they are able to purchase your house with the loan program they are using.


  • There is a lot of information that comes in with an offer to purchase. A Realtor will help you navigate the waters, interpret and advise as you make the decision to accept, reject or counter the offer.


  • After accepting an offer, home inspection can be a harrowing experience if you don’t have someone in your corner advocating for you. Your Realtor will advise and negotiate on your behalf to get you through to the other side. Beyond that, your agent will be by your side for Purchase and Sale, walkthrough and the closing.


  • Lastly, a seasoned professional will have nurtured a network of professionals – lenders, lawyers, inspectors, house cleaners, movers, and more. You can expect to benefit from your agent’s experience, and the experiences of all the families that have been helped over the years. Real estate is fun, but can be challenging. Don’t let the many details and bumps in the road ruin what should be an exciting time for you. Let your professional do the hard work while you make plans for your next adventure!


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