Hudson brothers bond over football 


By Kate Tobiasson, Contributing Writer

Connor and Jesse Nemerowicz

Hudson – The bond of brotherhood is unlike any other connection. Two local brothers, Jesse and Connor Nemerowicz, exemplify the ways that the bonds of brothers last into adulthood, thanks to their favorite sport – football.

The two grew up in Hudson, and both were avid football fans from a young age. Jesse began playing football in middle school, and quickly demonstrated his ability in the sport under Coach Dan McAnespie at Hudson High School.

“Watching Jesse play when I was younger was inspiring,” Connor recalled. “Our dad coached me for three years, and it was wonderful to have him on the field with me. It was weird to have my dad yelling drills and stuff at us, but he was always supportive.”

Jesse played with the Hudson Hawks from 2012-2016, and Connor from 2014-2018. Their time on the field overlapped and was unquestionably some of the best times of their lives.

“I loved beating up Connor!” Jesse laughed. “It was a once in a lifetime experience. There is a sense of comradery when playing on a football team, but to be able to have my own brother on the team brought it to a new level.”

Jesse played running back and linebacker at Hudson, with Connor an offensive and defensive lineman. There were many plays made throughout their two seasons on the field that required collaboration between the brothers, and often led the team to victory.

Years later, both Jesse and Connor continue to play football in college. Jesse earned a football scholarship to Division 1 Bryant University, where he continues to play linebacker. In 2016, Jesse put together the greatest rookie season for a defensive player in the history of the college’s program. Now a junior, Jesse continues to set records. Connor is a freshman Fitchburg State University, and has had a great year as offensive lineman.

There is no question that football is in the blood of the Nemerowicz family.

Jesse explained that playing at Hudson helped him prepare for the next step, and that playing Division 1 football has been a rigorous experience.

“Playing in Hudson helped me to get a feel of the game,” he said. “College football is more involved; as a kid in Hudson, football felt second to academics. Playing football at a Division 1 school, football is more at the forefront of my everyday life. Playing in Hudson set me up with the fitness regimen and college experience. The mindset piece came later, when I was in college. The amount of time and preparation playing college football was very different for me. Football has helped me become a well-rounded adult.”

The relationships that they have built on the field have been meaningful for both Jesse and Connor, who noted that their high school and college teammates remain their closest friends.

Still, looking back, the two acknowledge that the best time of their lives was when they were with each other on the field at Hudson.

“My favorite experience, throughout my entire career of playing football – including playing three years at a Division 1 school – was the time that I got to play with Connor. It was a couple of years – not a lot of people get to have that,” Jesse said.

Connor smiled in agreement, his hand on his brother’s shoulder.