Vote for Samia for Selectman


To the Editor:

I am supporting John Samia for Selectman position because John has multiple years of experience working in the Shrewsbury community as member of school committee. He has a very good understanding about the community needs working closely with the teachers, educators and students.

Being an attorney, John is passionate about learning and to prepare himself for the role of Selectman, he is absorbing as much knowledge as possible about the workings of the town’s other departments. He is spending a lot of time attending every other committee meetings for Ex: planning board, Finance committee etc. to understand how they all work together and are all connected.

In the end we all want to elect someone who will support and represent our views in the leadership role and who listens and makes decisions based on their knowledge and John Samia is all of that.

I hope I can convince others to vote for John as I have become by knowing him.



Neena Mohanka