Shrewsbury voters urged to vote for Brown for Housing Authority


To the Editor:

I am writing today to ask the voters in Shrewsbury to cast their Housing Authority vote for Brenda Brown.  I have been a Real Estate Attorney for over 45 years and I have known Brenda for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with her on various projects. I have seen, firsthand, Brenda’s thoughtful and collaborative approach to complex issues.  I have witnessed her responsible approach to managing. She always shows great compassion when advocating for our seniors.

Brenda has spent over 33 years working to help families meet their housing needs in and around our communities.  Safe, affordable housing is an essential element to one’s quality of life.  She is an advocate for Seniors and Veterans and will effectively manage the vital housing resources for the Shrewsbury Housing Authority.  Brenda has unique capabilities and leadership qualities. She has established Roll for Cancer, which is a 501c3 organization and regularly conducts fundraising events for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and UMass Memorial Health Care.

Brenda will bring a collaborative and inclusive leadership style, compassion, and business acumen to the Board and will be a great asset to the Shrewsbury Housing Authority.

Please cast your vote for her on Tuesday May 7th.


J.P. Howe