Spag’s ‘ruff’ security system


By Michael Perna Jr., Contributing Writer

Spag’s ‘ruff’ security system
Anthony “Spag” Borgatti with Danka and Duchess
Photo/courtesy Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – The man who became known throughout the area as a business legend, Anthony “Spag” Borgatti, was also known for another reason – when the Borgatti home was broken into, the police advised that a number of security options might be appropriate.  One of these was to get a dog.  “Spag” took the advice and got two German Shepherds, Danka and Duchess.  The dogs were constant companions – whenever “Spag” was seen around town, the dogs would be with him.  He would also visit his store after closing, letting the dogs roam around to detect any trouble.  One night, a man hid in the store after closing time, hoping to steal some clothes.  His only mistake was to take time to try the clothes on.  He tripped an alarm and the police notified “Spag,” who promptly took the two dogs and turned them loose in the store.  They quickly found the intruder, who had panicked and tried to hide, despite the fact he had no clothes on! As the dogs aged, they were joined by another pair of Shepherds, Anna and Ambi, and for a time there were four dogs that would accompany “Spag” in his ever-present station wagon.  Our photograph shows “Spag” with Danka and Duchess, standing outside the car.

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