Northborough Army LT. to assist those suffering in pandemic

Lt. Cote with baby Ella

By Cheryl Arsenault, Contributing Photographer

Northborough – When one signs up to serve in the military, they never know exactly where that promise to serve will take them. Earlier this week, Army 1st LT William Cote, 33, a physical therapist, was given orders to report to Fort Devens, to prepare to be sent to another destination to assist with those ill with the coronavirus.

Cote and his wife, Amanda, have a two-month old daughter Ella. At this time, family members are stepping in to assist the young mom, and her baby, but they would be grateful for prayers offering support for William and the many others on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Amanda, William and baby Ella
Lt. Cote and baby Ella
A sign at the Legion offers support for Lt. Cote.
photo/Cheryl Arsenault