Westborough ATM tentatively scheduled for May 21


Westborough ATM tentatively scheduled for May 21Westborough – Town Moderator John Arnold released a statement notifying residents that the Annual Town Meeting will now be tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 21. The meeting originally was scheduled for March 28 and then moved to April 25 due to the pandemic.

“This declaration provides notice to the Town of Westborough that I have determined that it is in the public’s interest, due to the continued public health and safety risks posed by COVID-19, to recess and continue the Annual Town Meeting to Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Westborough High School Gymnasium and Auditorium,” Arnold said in a statement. “This is the Annual Town Meeting with a warrant posted for the originally scheduled date of March 28, 2020.”

“At this time, G.L. c. 39, §10A does not allow a postponement beyond 30 days so I am postponing as far into the future as the law allows without interfering with the Town’s Memorial Day weekend activities. Postponing the meeting to a Thursday evening is not an ideal solution. However, the current situation indicates that another postponement may be required,” he added. “This postponement to May 21 allows a subsequent postponement to Saturday, June 20 if that becomes necessary.”

For more information contact Arnold at [email protected] or call the Town Manager’s office 508-366-3030.


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