Gratitude and love on display for Shrewsbury clergy


Gratitude and love on display for Shrewsbury clergy
Fr. Javier with The Beaton Family at St. Mary Catholic Church. ,

By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Shrewsbury – Parishioners gathered  May 1 at St. Mary Catholic Church, not to attend Mass, but rather as a way to say “thank you” to their priests who have been working hard during this challenging time of the pandemic.

A seemingly endless cavalcade of cars processed through the parking lot. Many were festooned with balloons and placards of thanks and love.

One read: “This is the reason I got out of my pajamas today.”

May is a special month for the Catholic Church community as it honors the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Despite physical distancing a ceremony was held outside at the statue of Mary for the traditional May Crowning.

Monsignor Michael Rose and Father Javier Julio were visibly surprised and touched by the show of affection that was expressed by countless parishioners.

When asked how he was feeling, Rose shared, “Overwhelmed. This was a total surprise and it was wonderful. I didn’t know what was going when they kept calling me over and all of a sudden I saw this line of cars and it kept going on and on.”

His sentiments were shared by Javier who said “Thank-you” over and over to each passing car.

“We are so blessed to be part of the St. Mary’s community.  In these difficult times, some people struggle with issues of faith and God.  Our parish, led by Monsignor Rose, and supported by Father Javier, serves as a physical, emotional and faith support system,” reflected parishioner Mary Aicardi. “It is hard not to touch people, but they work so hard and touch our hearts and souls and remind us of our blessings, which include the two of them.”

The planning committee consisted of Beth Duncan, Stephanie Muzzy, Kelly Paulina and Gina Kuruvilla.

“It has been 6 weeks since we have been able to gather as a community during this time of pandemic,” Kuruvilla said. “Our parish and school families have all had to learn new ways of staying connected and long for the day where we can all gather again in the pews and classrooms of St. Mary’s.”

Gratitude and love on display for Shrewsbury clergy
Parishioners decorated their cards with messages of love and support
Gratitude and love on display for Shrewsbury clergy
Monsignor Rose greets a parishioner



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