Divoll is Marlborough’s new Department of Public Works Commissioner


By Vicki Greene, Contributing Writer

New DPW Commissioner Sean Divoll

Marlborough – Sean Divoll seemed ready for any challenge as he settled into his new role as the city’s newly hired Commissioner of the Department of Public Works (DPW) on Oct. 19. Helping him to learn the ropes during a series of meetings and tours the first week was Ted Scott, who has been serving as the Interim Commissioner.

“I always wanted to find a place where the challenges are there, the needs are there – a place where I can help take on those needs,” Divoll said. “I can bring a fresh new set of eyes, look at the challenges, what’s worked and what hasn’t and help find efficiencies while still delivering vital services.”

He has over 20 years of experience and had most recently been the Director of Public Works for the town of Oxford for the past 13 years. Prior to his work in Oxford, Divoll was Public Works Engineer for the town of Concord for four years and spent six years as a senior engineer at Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc. in Peabody.

In Oxford, Divoll managed a staff of 30 and now in Marlborough he oversees a staff of approximately 100 employees.  He said that the organizational maturity of the DPW in Marlborough means staff have well-defined roles with a depth of knowledge and expertise in their designated positions and that in some ways it’s “easier to navigate” than a smaller department such as Oxford, where each staff member had to wear many hats.

Divoll is now managing an annual budget of $33 million. It is the “second largest line item in the city’s budget behind the school department, and typically operates on average, from 15 to 30 capital projects throughout the year including road reconstruction, street resurfacing, utility upgrades, public facility maintenance, and park  renovations,” according to Mayor Arthur Vigeant’s office.

Big projects are nothing new to Divoll.  He said he spent time consulting on large water and sewer projects while at Weston & Sampson, in large cities including Chelsea and Quincy.

Divoll grew up in Orange, Mass. and currently lives in Worcester with his wife, who is a hydrogeologist, and two children. He said he had been following things going on in Marlborough and that he was first introduced to former DPW Commissioner, the late Ron LaFreniere, through his wife’s friendship with LaFreniere’s sister. LaFreniere left the position in 2014 which was then filled by the recently retired John Ghiloni.

“Marlborough was always in the back of my mind,” Divoll said, “as a good place to work and a good career opportunity.”

When he is not in the office or on a project site, you may see Divoll on his bicycle. He said road cycling is a passion and that he has just purchased his first gravel bike and is ready to try it out