Snow days can turn into remote days for Marlborough students


Snow days can turn into remote days for Marlborough studentsBy Vicki Greene, Contributing Writer

Marlborough—Snow days are common in New England but this is not an ordinary school year. The School Committee voted Nov. 10  to give Superintendent Michael Bergeron the ability to call a “remote learning day” if a snow storm is predicted. He will make that decision one or two days ahead of time using the forecast.

The advance notice is necessary for students who are still learning in school so they can bring technology home with them if schools are closed due to snow.

Bergeron stressed that if there is a storm that causes power outages in the city, the day will be deemed a “snow day.” If Bergeron calls a “remote day” and there ends up not being a snow storm, it is simply a remote learning day and does not affect the calendar.

The current school calendar has the last day of school scheduled for June 18 with five snow days added, if necessary bringing the last day of school to June 25 so a remote day versus a snow day means kids can finish the year on June 18.  There must be 170 school days in the 20-21 year, according to Bergeron.

The vote for no planned snow days was not unanimous. Committee Member Denise Ryan said she’s not “a fan of taking away snow days – kids need a break.”  She proposed three snow days if needed and then anything further would be deemed remote.

“It’s sad to just take it away but that’s just my point of view with three kids learning at home,” she added.




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