Shrewsbury Police arrest Worcester woman for alleged identity fraud and forgery


Shrewsbury – The Shrewsbury Police Department released this statement this afternoon:

On February 11, 2021, at 5:21 PM, the Shrewsbury Police Department responded to TD Bank, located at 200 Boston Turnpike. The bank had called to report that a female customer was using a false identity and attempting to fraudulently gain access to accounts. TD Bank had previously been alerted from other branches of this individuals fraudulent activity, and had been attempting to identify the suspect.

Officers determined through their investigation at the bank that the female involved was Ashley Ghiatis, 34 years old, who resides at 191 Fairmont Ave., Worcester, MA.

While on scene, officer’s learned that Ms. Ghiatis also had a warrant for her arrest issued by the Auburn Police Department. Officer’s further discovered other banking information belonging to multiple victims. The Shrewsbury Police Department is currently attempting to make contact with these other identified victims. The investigation is currently ongoing, and will be led by Detective Sergeant Michael Cappucci, Detective Paul Brown and Officer Brandon Bourette.

Ms. Ghiatis was arrested for the warrant and the following charges:

Identity Fraud

Forgery of a Check

Obstruction of Justice.