Man thanks Hudson Police Department after arrest


Letter to the Editor logoMay 3rd, 2021 Dear Editor, Re Hudson Police Department 

I am writing to inform the residents of Hudson and any others willing to learn what kind of people the Hudson Police Department team consist of or more importantly, made of. In the last week I was apprehended at 2:00 a.m. in the morning for a driving violation. I was detained in a cell measuring approximately 8X8. The cell was brightly lit and contained a cot, a sink, and a toilet. In order to flush the toilet, I had to call an officer. 

From childhood, I have suffered from claustrophobia, this setting obviously made me extremely uncomfortable. I was held for 4 nights and 3 days. During this incarceration I dealt with 14-16 different town employees from the police officers to the dispatchers as well as custodial staff. During those days and nights (which seemed like an eternity for me), I was never treated disrespectfully, intimidated, harmed, or belittled. Every one of these men and women treated me with respect, displayed the utmost respect and cared for my needs. This also involved some medical treatment and much monitoring. The kindness shown to me in this situation was above and beyond professional and courteous it was kind! My brother has a plaque at his home that says, “of all the things you can be, be kind.” The Hudson Police department has obviously learned that well.

In a time when we hear so much negativity, hatred, rage, and revenge against police officers, I wanted to take a minute and share my experience. I was the criminal, I was on the inside of the cell because of my own accord and actions. Regardless, I was treated fairly, respectfully, and kindly by not one, but everyone. I will be forever grateful for your compassion, empathy, care, and concern. Again, when much of the world is ready to criticize, I am ready to commend and thank you. Your kindness will never be forgotten. 

Roger Carpenter, Hudson Resident


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