Block party benefits Marlborough police officer


By Laura Hayes, Senior Community Reporter

 Officer Cathy Digou was the guest of honor during the Weed Street Block Party.
Officer Cathy Digou was the guest of honor during the Weed Street Block Party.
(Photo/Laura Hayes)

MARLBOROUGH – Cathy Digou’s favorite part about being a Marlborough police officer is the opportunity to interact with people.

Digou, who just turned 60, was born and raised in Marlborough. 

“I was born and brought up here, so knowing a lot of the people and having them appreciate you [is amazing] because, a lot of time, police officers aren’t appreciated,” she said in a recent interview.

She continued, “For the most part, Marlborough is, I think, a really good community to be a police officer in because most of the people do respect you. It’s a good community. Lots of good people who live here.”

The community came out in force to support Digou during the Weed Street Block Party on Aug. 28. Proceeds from the party benefited Digou, who is currently battling cancer. 

“Just a big, huge ‘thank you’ to everyone that donated their time and everyone that attended the event and everyone that donated. A big, huge ‘thank you’ to the community and to family and friends and coworkers,” Digou said.

Digou’s family has a history in town, as one of her brothers and sons also worked for the city.

Her own career began as a dispatcher in 1990. She then started out on the reserve police officer list before being put in the academy in 1996. 

Digou had planned to retire in May of next year before her cancer diagnosis. Now, she still intends to remain on the job through that date.

“My goal is still to get there to next May,” she said. 

That being said, Digou immediately told Chief David Giorgi about her diagnosis and was placed on light duty. 

“I said, ‘I’m not going to be any good to anyone out there, let alone myself or anyone.’ If I had to go some place and the person needed CPR, to get down on my knees, I could not do it. Up and down stairs to get to someone to help them, I couldn’t do it,” Digou said.

She said the department and chief has been supportive as she’s gone to her treatments. 

On Aug. 28, Detective Pat Hogan, in turn, celebrated the community’s turnout in support of his colleague. 

“Everyone has come together for a good cause,” said Hogan, who helped organize the event. “Marlborough’s a great little town. It’s what happens. Everybody’s supporting each other. It’s great.”



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