Westborough celebrates debut Interfaith Music Festival


By Jesse Kucewicz, Contributing Writer

Westborough celebrates debut Interfaith Music Festival
Performers sing and play instruments onstage during the debut Interfaith Music Festival in Westborough this past weekend. (Photo/Jesse Kucewicz)

WESTBOROUGH – More than a dozen performance groups celebrated the diversity of the community in and around Westborough at the town’s debut Interfaith Music Festival, Nov. 7.

Held at Bay State Commons, the event was presented by Central Mass Connections in Faith and Westborough Interfaith Clergy.

“In this world where there is so much confusion and chaos over whose religion is great, and who is better than the other person, music is the common link that can bring people together,” said Shehla Eledroos.

Eledroos is a member of Central Mass Connections in Faith and was a coordinator for the festival.

“We call God differently, we all have different names for God, and we pray differently, we might have devotional songs that are in different languages, but the idea is the same,” she said. “In the end, when you listen to different music, it just brings nothing but peace and harmony. That was the whole idea behind this.”

Mark Sebell was another organizer for the festival and is the lead facilitator of Connections in Faith.

“The organization is about learning about each other and, whenever possible, learning how much alike we are,” Sebell said. “The theme of getting to know other faiths is resonating with people, and what is great is that I’m seeing people from all different faiths here today.”

The festival ended with a combined finale performance by all of the groups, as well as an audience sing-along to “We Are The World.”

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