Westborough resident to bring back Night in the Cold fundraiser


Westborough resident to bring back Night in the Cold fundraiser
John Bogaert, a Westborough resident, is running the second year of his Night in the Cold fundraiser later this month.

WESTBOROUGH – Westborough resident John Bogaert is looking forward to another winter sleepout fundraiser event to raise money and awareness for people experiencing homelessness throughout the state. 

His event, “A Night in the Cold,” ran last year. It will have a couple of new volunteers joining this year, though. 

Bogaert welcomes that as an opportunity to further shine a spotlight on the struggles associated with homelessness.

“Due to the frigid temperatures lately, this winter has been exceptionally harsh on the people who have to spend their time out on the streets,” Bogaert recently told the Community Advocate.

He added that current economic issues, such as inflation, are making things even harder for those who are struggling to pay for basic necessities.

24 hours in the cold

Bogaert, along with his volunteers, will spend all day on Saturday, Feb. 26 in the parking lot at 45 Colonial Plaza on East Main Street in Westborough. 

They will then sleep in the parking lot overnight to begin to experience some of the conditions endured by those who are living on the streets. 

“When you are out there in the wet and the cold for twenty-four hours…you cannot help but to feel extremely saddened to think that this is someone’s everyday existence,” Bogaert said. 

“When living in a nice town like Westborough, it is very easy to slip into the false sense that this is how life is for everyone,” he added. 

Tony was a success story

Last year’s donations helped Bogaert get a man named Tony into safe housing before winter set in.

Bogaert had met Tony and had worked to support him through his struggles.

He’s now grateful to have been able to get Tony the shelter that he needs. 

“Tony’s story is one tangible glimpse into the many ways donations have helped, and will continue to help, people experiencing homelessness as well as hopefully preventing others from falling into the grip of destitution this year” Bogaert said. 

Donate and/or see more information at A Night in The Cold’s Facebook page at https://tinyurl.com/ye265avz or at donate2homeless.org.


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