Shrewsbury police to ramp up crosswalk enforcement following complaints


Shrewsbury police to ramp up crosswalk enforcement following complaints
Cars move along Maple Avenue in Shrewsbury. Police say they plan to ramp up traffic enforcement around crosswalks after multiple complaints from community members. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

SHREWSBURY – The Shrewsbury Police Department is now assigning extra officers to monitor for motorists failing to yield for pedestrians in crosswalks in town.

This move was announced on Wednesday following what police said have been “increased complaints” from community members.

“These types of violations can be difficult to enforce unless a patrol officer actually sees a violation,” the Shrewsbury Police Department said in a statement on social media.

New patrols will begin immediately, with police observing crosswalk areas at random times throughout Shrewsbury.

“The goals of these assignments will be to increase pedestrian safety, enforce violations, and educate and raise awareness for our motorists,” police said.

Police reiterated crosswalk laws on Wednesday, noting that drivers are required to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. 

Failure to yield carries the penalty of a $205 civil citation. 

Police noted that drivers must still yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks even when they have a green light. 


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