Marlborough, Hudson students receive US service academy nominations


Four area students attending schools in Hudson and Marlborough were among nominees of Rep, Lori Trahan to various US service academies, this year. (Photo/submitted)

REGION – Four area students were honored earlier this month after they secured congressional nominations to attend various US service academies.

Charles Togneri, Francis McCabe, Maxwell Sivert and Charles Sibal all earned nominations from Rep. Lori Trahan. They then gathered at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium’s Hall of Flags on April 14 for a reception. 

“Nominating students from across the Third District to our nation’s prestigious service academies is one of the greatest privileges I have as a Member of Congress,” Trahan said in a press release. “This year’s nominees have demonstrated exceptional character and leadership, unwavering enthusiasm and determination, and a steadfast commitment to serve our country and the common good.”

Togneri currently attends Hudson High School. He has been nominated for admission to West Point.

Charles Togneri (Right) poses for a photo with
Maxwell Sivert (Left) and another area service academy nominee at a reception in their honor earlier this month. (Photo/submitted)

McCabe and Sibal are students at the Advanced Math and Science Academy, while Sivert goes to Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. McCabe, Sibal and Sivert were all nominated to the Air Force Academy.

Together, Togneri, McCabe, Sibal and Sivert are four of the 19 students from across Trahan’s Third Congressional District earning nominations.

They were selected through an interview and recommendation process involving Trahan’s Service Academy Board, composed of academy alumni, veterans, and community leaders.

“They are truly the best our district has to offer, and I couldn’t be prouder to support them in their continued service to our communities and to our country,” Trahan said of her nominees.

Attendees of US service academies commit to five years of military service upon graduation.

While a congressional nomination does not guarantee admission to a given military academy, it does fulfill one of several application requirements for individual academies to then review and consider.


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