Marlborough City Council approves 2023 operating budget


Marlborough City Hall towers over downtown Marlborough. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – The Marlborough City Council voted 10-0 this week to approve a $180,503,099 municipal operating budget for the 2023 fiscal year. 

Meeting on Monday, the vote came after Mayor Arthur Vigeant had previously submitted a budget proposal for $181,260,899. The Finance Committee made just over $800,000 in cuts to that plan during budget hearings on May 2 and May 4, as documented in a Finance Committee report sent to the Community Advocate.

The cuts included $101,300 in the Assessor’s Office budget, $5,500 in the Human Resources budget, $100,000 to property and building maintenance to implement energy conservation measures, $200,000 in salary underruns because of vacant and retiring positions, $100,000 to school maintenance to implement energy conservation measures, and $300,000 in cuts to to capital projects that were instead funded by American Rescue Plan funding to reduce a burden on taxpayers.

“Congratulations everyone,” said City Council President Michael Ossing after the budget was approved.


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