ARHS football defeats Westborough in Thanksgiving game


ARHS football defeats Westborough in Thanksgiving game
After winning the gaming Algonquin players enjoy their victory. (Photo/Owen Jones)

NORTHBOROUGH – The Algonquin Regional High School varsity football team beat  Westborough 30-7 in a Thanksgiving day thriller. 

“It’s a great day for some football… grateful for the opportunity to take the field one last time with this team,” Algonquin Head Coach Mark Allen said in a tweet. 

He added that he is “grateful” for the opportunity to have coached the seniors. 

“Can’t wait to see what the future brings for them all,” Allen added. 

In a tweet, ARHS Athletics said, “Great team win. Thank you Seniors!!” 

Westborough Head Coach Joe Beveridge said he was confident going into the game because of the hard work his players have put in this season. 

He added that the Thanksgiving game is special because the alumni come back home and watch the current team square off against their rivals. 

Beveridge said the game is a “great chance” to allow the seniors to get on the field one last time to play with the underclassmen. 

He said a message he gives his team before each game is, “Control the controllables. We can’t control our opponent, injuries, the weather, et cetera. We can control our effort, our attitude, and our execution every play.”