Marlborough close to adding treasury/payroll manager


Marlborough close to adding treasury/payroll manager
Marlborough is close to adding a treasury/payroll manager. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – The city’s Finance Department has come closer to adding a new position.

During the City Council’s Finance Committee meeting on Nov. 14, members approved an amendment to the city code to create a treasury/payroll manager.

The position will help “add a layer” to overseeing payroll and cash management, according to Finance Director Patrick Jones.

“This is really a position I’ve been looking for for a number of years,” said Mayor Arthur Vigeant. “We really don’t have a payroll specialist.”

Vigeant told committee members that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there were just two people handling the city’s payroll.

“That was a bit scary,” he said.

The treasury/payroll manager would assist in implementing changes to the department’s online systems, such as OpenGov/Stripe, Automated Payroll, New EE Payroll Self Service Portal and New Munis upgrade to Windows.

“We have software that didn’t exist a couple of years ago,” said Jones at the meeting.

In a letter to Vigeant, Jones said the position would also serve as an adviser to the city in the collective bargaining process “in costing out proposals and advising management on collective bargaining proposals.”

Vigeant said funding for the position, which would start at $72,500 per year, would come mostly from a vacant position.

The position would work 40 hours a week and receive benefits. The manager would report to Jones.

The Finance Committee approved sending the measure to the City Council, with a request to suspend the rules so that the mayor may be able to advertise the position.