New Shamrocks head coach, general manager named


New Shamrocks head coach, general manager named
Adam Ingels, second from left, will be the general manager for the Marlborough Shamrocks this season. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

MARLBOROUGH – They were so close to a three-peat.

The Marlborough Shamrocks were playing the Southern New England Admirals last year in the East Coast Football League championship game. A win, and the Shamrocks would play for its third straight national title.

They had come back from a 20-point deficit to tie the Admirals with 17 seconds left.

But their luck ran out. The Shamrocks missed the extra point, and the Admirals won in overtime, 23-20.

“You get nightmares to lose like that,” said Harrison Ingels, the team’s offensive coordinator. “I’m proud of how we fought … it’s something to build on.”

“We lost a heartbreaker last year,” added Adam Ingels, the special teams coach and Harrison’s brother.

As they prepare for 2023, the Shamrocks will have both brothers on the sidelines again – Harrison as offensive coordinator and as head coach; Adam as special teams coach (although that could change) and general manager.

“I’ve got a good football mind, and I love play calling,” said Harrison.

New Shamrocks head coach, general manager named
Harrison Ingels will be the Shamrocks’ new head coach. (Photo/Courtesy)

“The special teams [coaching] comes easy for me at this point, but I may step down,” said Adam.

Harrison has been with the organization since 2006; he played for the Shamrocks for 10 seasons, and he joined the team as offensive coordinator after being the offensive coordinator for Quabbin Regional High School.

Harrison said that Adam’s new job as general manager “is one of the most overlooked positions” in the game.

“He has to make sure the rosters are checked, the contracts are signed, recruiting, the website design … we’re so fortunate to have Adam,” he said.

Adam said a big goal on the horizon will be to help the team reconnect with the community.

“We lost our way a bit last year,” he said. “I want to get back and involved in the community.”

Adam said the team plans to reach out to local businesses and schools.

“We want to bring back what makes the Shamrocks the Shamrocks,” he said.

New Shamrocks head coach, general manager named
Defensive coordinator/assistant coach Mike Harpin with his father, “Vinnie.” (Photo/Courtesy)

Michael Harpin, the defensive coordinator, will also become the assistant coach.

“Having Mike Harpin means a lot,” said Harrison. “I hold him in such high regard. I feed off of him. His game-day focus is unparalleled.”

Harpin was born and raised in Marlborough, and he grew up watching the Shamrocks.

“I played in Pop Warner, Marlborough High, the Shamrocks … I hit the entire cycle,” said Harpin.

He’s also coached on the high school and college levels, including at Marlborough High School, Assumption College, Fitchburg State and Framingham State universities.

Harpin joined the Shamrocks after graduating from college. He said playing semi-pro football’s a lot different from playing in high school and college.

“The first year, you’re watching and learning,” he said. “The second year, you have a sense of it.”

By that time, Harpin was on special teams. At the start of his third season, Harpin became a starter.

By January 2022, Harpin was on the sidelines as the team’s defensive coordinator. It was also when he lost his father, “Vinnie” Harpin.

“He got to see the national title game,” said Harpin. “Last season was hard, not having him there.”

Outlook for 2023

Harpin and the Ingels foresee continued success with the Shamrocks. This season, the Shamrocks will welcome a couple of rookies.

“We’re looking great,” said Harpin. “It’s going to be between us and the [Southern New England] Admirals.”

Harpin said the Shamrocks have a “good” problem – the team has eight-10 defensive linemen on the roster.

“It’s hard to rotate … 36 plays, three-four plays each. They’re all good players,” said Harpin. “These seasons go long. We need that depth, we need those players.”

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