MJB Plumbing expands plumbing and gas fitting services to central Massachusetts


MJB Plumbing expands plumbing and gas fitting services to central Massachusetts
MJB Plumbing recently expanded toward Central Mass.

SHREWSBURY – Michael Bluyus is a busy plumber and gas fitter. He has been a licensed plumber since 2009 and started his business, MJB Plumbing, in 2012. Originally based in Newton, Bluyus recently expanded toward central Massachusetts.

“I started working with property management companies in Boston, and word spread. Now I also serve the MetroWest and Shrewsbury areas,” said Bluyus.

In addition to large property management companies, MJB Plumbing serves the needs of individual homeowners. This includes plumbing and hot water heating for everything from single family and multi-family homes to larger apartment and condominium complexes.

“A lot of property management companies hire me to do repairs and installations on their units, said Bluyus. “I am handling residential and commercial plumbing and gas fitting from Boston on out to central Massachusetts.”

He recently replaced the domestic hot water recirculating pumps for the 120 units in Kenmore Tower in Back Bay. 

“Each unit got new domestic hot water mechanical pumps. These were special pumps that took three months to get,” said Bluyus.

Even though it took some time to get the pumps for that particular job, Bluyus is not having any difficulties related to supply chain limitations. 

“Much of what we use everyday is now readily available,” said Bluyus. “The primary issue these days is that, like everywhere else, prices have risen. It affects the pricing of our jobs.”

Regardless of equipment pricing increases, Bluyus’ services are in high demand. 

“Right now, I am doing a lot of hot water heater replacements. I also get involved with the plumbing for kitchen renovations and bathroom remodels,” said Bluyus. “I don’t work on any forced hot air heating; it’s all gas and hot water heating and plumbing.”

As sole proprietor of MJB Plumbing, Bluyus’ days are full. He is able to keep up with demand, and he has a part-time student to help handle his customer load.

“I hired this young man to help me meet the demand of my clients. This is a physical and technical trade, and he is doing very well,” said Bluyus. “This experience will give him a great jumpstart on his career before he even graduates from high school.”

With his years of experience, Bluyus finds that he has the knowledge and creativity to overcome the many challenges of the plumbing and gas-fitting industry.

“A challenge is nothing more than an opportunity to present a solution,” said Bluyus.

To hire MJB Plumbing, contact Michael Bluyus at (774) 200-4950. 

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