It’s the SPRING Market


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It’s April 1 as this is penned, and it sure doesn’t feel like spring.  It’s raining, in the 50s, and just raw.  No joke!

For sellers, April showers bring may flowers, and now the people who are “thinking about selling” are popping their heads out like daffodils after a long winter.  It’s funny…. some immediately conclude it is too late in the season to sell (aka I really don’t want to move.)   My response is if you don’t believe it can happen then it won’t.  If you aren’t sure, that’s where the real estate professional can help with ideas, resources, and planning.

We also get the clients who have lived in the house for 30 years and want it on the market NOW.  We can do that…. we can get a house on MLS very quickly.  And part of our job is to help you maximize the sale price for your listing. So maybe a little paint can help.  Let’s declutter…we can get people to take stuff to the donation center or dump.  There are some companies doing estate sales…and that takes time.   And it is go time…. time to get the house on the market.  With the exception of some dampening during covid, the real estate market follows a very predictable pattern from year to year and it is not “too late.”

(I’d argue it is never too late…. houses sell every day although August and Christmas time are not peak times.)

I am not seeing a 2008 – like correction either.  I still have scars from then.  The biggest difference is the available inventory remains relatively low.

For buyers…. hopefully you are now seeing more homes on the market.  The number of homes coming to the market will continue increasing.  We are seeing some sellers hold off listing because they got a  great interest rate during covid and/or they fixed up their home during the shutdown, or  they haven’t found their next home.  Still, some of the items prompting a home sale are still happening.  People still have babies and need a larger home, people die and the home isn’t needed, couples divorce and need places to live, etc.  Interest rates may have you concerned and let me tell you about my very first (adjustable) mortgage at 18%.

By the time you read this, we will have Easter and Passover behind us, and you’ll be looking at Patriots Day, taxes and school vacation week.  All wonderful things and an even-better time to make that push to buy or sell a home.

Let’s get together and put your plan together.

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It’s the SPRING Market

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